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How Long Should You Wait Before Protein Intake After A Workout? Why?

A world that is so busy balancing fitness and nutrition can be crazy. But hey, it shouldn’t be as long as you know what to do, when, how and why. Nutrition after a workout is surrounded by several myths and misconceptions but it does not need to be scary because today you will know about proteins and how long after a workout you should take them.

How long should you wait to take protein after a workout?

The sooner you can take protein after a workout the better, not later than 30 minutes.  Your body needs to replace the energy used during the workout and resume normal function.

Fitness workouts, especially the high-intensity ones use a huge amount of energy leaving the body with a deficit. You should therefore have a well detailed nutrition plan of what kind of protein, plant, animal or both and the right quantity depending on whether you want to build muscles or lose weight.

Why should you take protein as soon as possible after a workout?

Your body needs to repair its worn out tissues after a workout. If you don’t take a meal with sufficient nutrition to fulfil this role the body will get the nutrients from other sources within your body. If this happens the fitness workout you are doing will be in vain because nutrition which is supposed to contribute to your fitness is in limited supply.

In conclusion

As you make an effort to be fit or build muscle it is good to keep your nutrition in check. This can be achieved through a proper nutrition plan that will ensure that the protein you want to consume has the necessary nutrients to support your fitness routine.

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