How a Healthy Diet is as Essential as doing Yoga
December 23, 2020

You don’t need to fall into the stress mode of life; I understand that life can be trying and challenging, and sometimes you can’t help it. I’m offering you one of the simplest and fastest ways to keep it together without spending money on anti-depressants. All you have to do is breathing to relax your mind and your body. Yoga helps you relearn that natural state that your body and mind want to relax.
Deep breathing is both calming and energizing. The energy you feel from a few minutes of mindful breathing is not nervous or hyper, but that calm, steady energy we all need. Slow, controlled, and quiet breathing gives a message to your nervous system to be calm.
Whole books have been written on yoga breathing, but here is one 5-minute Breath Break. (Read through the instructions several times before you try the practice.)

  1. Sit with your spine as straight as possible. Use a chair if necessary but don’t slump into it. Feet flat on the floor with knees directly over the center of your feet. Use a book or cushion under your feet if they do not rest comfortably on the floor. Hands are on the tops of your legs.
  2. Close your eyes gently and let them rest behind closed lids.
  3. Think about your ribs at the front, back, and sides of your body. Your lungs are behind those ribs.
  4. Feel your lungs filling up, your ribs expanding out and up. Feel your lungs emptying, your ribs coming back down and in. Don’t push the breath.
  5. The first few times you do this, do it for 2 to 3 minutes, then do it for up to 5 to 10 minutes. At first, set aside a time at least once a day to do this. When you learn how good it makes you feel, you’ll want to do it at other times as well.

Just as one stressful situation goes into your next challenge, relaxing for a few minutes every day gradually carries over into the rest of your daily life and activities.

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